Pamela Tremblay

Washington, DC

Birthday: April 7

College, University, or Organization Catholic Apostolate Center

(Arch)Diocese Washington, DC

Title Empowered Campus Ministry Program Associate

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As the United States comes to an end of Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept 15- Oct 15), we share with you words of wisdom that Wayne Romo shared with us last year.
On my campus, about 62% of the undergraduate population are Hispanic. I believe there is a…
With the fall semester is in full swing, it is time to pause, breathe and reflect on the campus ministry in light of the mission of education. Catholic campus ministry, which is uniquely situated at the crossroads of Church and higher education, has…
Come, Holy Spirit, Divine Creator, true source of light and fountain of wisdom!
Pour forth your brilliance upon my dense intellect, dissipate the darkness which covers me, that of sin and of ignorance.
Grant me a penetrating mind to understand, a re…
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From the Greek syneidesis (“with knowledge”), the word “conscience” has been in the English language since the 12th century. Many of us were taught as children that we should know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. The right acti…
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Lately, it’s seemed to me that our college years can be a lot like a flash of lightning across the sky: burning with energy, slightly terrifying in thrilling sort of way, and – perhaps most of all – gone before you can even figure out what just happ…
Pray. Fast. Give. These three words shape both our vocabulary and ministry during the Lenten season. We provide extra retreats, days of reflection, reading materials, and sacramental opportunities -- all of which seek to energize these three words i…
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   Welcome to Empowered Campus Ministry!  We are so thrilled to have you part of our community. We seek to empower one another and our ministry through blogs, webinars and personal support. We have an upcoming blog on April 4th, we hope you…"
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