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Expanding community development and professional opportunities for Catholics in the United States!

CCHD funds a number of stipend-provided summer, semester, and year-long internships for Catholics in the United States to gain experience working with and on behalf of the poor. These internships occur in around thirty CCHD diocesan offices in the United States, as well as in the CCHD office of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and the office of the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities (ACCU) in Washington, DC.

CCHD internships combine practical work in carrying out the mandate of CCHD at the local level, opportunities to develop relationships with community leaders, reflection on Catholic social teaching, and opportunities for sharing the experience with other CCHD interns.

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  • Three Little Words

    I’ve been teaching a lot about discernment lately, encouraging students to include prayer in their decision-making, listening for God’s voice in the choice.  Of course, we all know that decisions are easier if there is a positive and negative or pro and con.  But, efforts for prayerful discernment are required when we have two good choices and only one can be chosen. 

    At this time of the new semester, which is traditionally a very busy one precisely because we wanted it to be less busy than the fall was, one topic for discernment which presents itself to me most often is how to engage in healthy self-care—or more precisely, how to say those three little words, “No. Thank you.”

     Self-care is particularly critical for campus minsters because we are watched by our students almost constantly.  We become “passive teachers”…

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  • Reconciliation

    When Jesus died on the cross, He bled both blood and water, both sacrifice and healing.Similarly, we can grow closer to Christ and find peace in the wounds we bear.

    There was a time when I was struggling with anxiety, my past, love, and resentment. Thesethemes plagued me continuously, so much so that I suddenly announced in my thoughts, Lord Iam weak. Ii is hard to express the amount of peace that overwhelmed me once I realized thosewords. All my troubles seemed to dissipate and I felt like I…
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