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Expanding community development and professional opportunities for Catholics in the United States!

CCHD funds a number of stipend-provided summer, semester, and year-long internships for Catholics in the United States to gain experience working with and on behalf of the poor. These internships occur in around thirty CCHD diocesan offices in the United States, as well as in the CCHD office of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and the office of the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities (ACCU) in Washington, DC.

CCHD internships combine practical work in carrying out the mandate of CCHD at the local level, opportunities to develop relationships with community leaders, reflection on Catholic social teaching, and opportunities for sharing the experience with other CCHD interns.

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  • Forming the Christian Conscience

    From the Greek syneidesis (“with knowledge”), the word “conscience” has been in the English language since the 12th century. Many of us were taught as children that we should know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. The right actions bring about good consequences and the wrong actions bring about the bad (or evil) consequences. Yet, we seldom consider what it means to have a Christian conscience. Often, while growing up, I wrote off my conscience as the most basic moral standard required to live in society. This wasn’t my error. My error lied in the fact that I never called myself to a higher standard to follow my Christian faith. As Christians, disciples of Christ, we should not be satisfied with the basics. We should be eager to improve our consciences within the context of our ancient, beautiful faith. To put it simply, we should develop our consciences in a way that when other people meet us, unbelievers and believers alike, they see more…

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  • Lately, it’s seemed to me that our college years can be a lot like a flash of lightning across the sky: burning with energy, slightly terrifying in thrilling sort of way, and – perhaps most of all – gone before you can even figure out what just happened. These are some of the most formative years of our lives, but sometimes it is easy to forget this. I’ve often found myself anxious and wondering, “How in the world I am supposed to become the person God wants me to be when I have so many commitments? In fact, it feels like I’m not even committed to myself!”

     Here’s the thing: while it is definitely true…

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A Celebration of Pope Francis' Historic First Visit to the United States.

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